Month: April 2021

Category: Allgemein, People

We are super happy to have Ass. Prof. Luis Eudave from the University of Navarra with us. We share the interest of research in the immersive virtual reality and neuroscience intertwine. We will greatly benefit from his knowledge and presence to support the development of new research lines within th...

Category: Allgemein, People

We warmly welcome our new student assistants Niloufar Ramezanzadegan, Valentin Bräutigam , and Roland Stolz to the team! They will be the good souls of the lab and support the teaching of the courses. Super happy to have you guys with us! We have the great pleasure to be working with such talente...

Category: Allgemein

Welcome to HEX Lab! The professorship for Human-Centered Computing and Extended Reality started in April 2021, initiating the HEX Lab. Our team strives for high quality foundational, translational, and radical research in the areas of HCI, Virtual-, Mixed-, and Augmented Reality, and AI with a focus on health.