We are @VR – Journal Papers and Posters accepted to IEEE VR

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We are very happy that we have the chance to present two journal papers and four posters together with our co-authors and friends from FAU, Uni Clinic Erlangen (UKER) and TU Munich at the IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces 2022, a premier conference in the field of human-computer interaction and extended reality.

Congratulations to the author teams! All papers and posters were presented via video and in interactive form in the online virtual environment.


IEEE VR 2022 Special Issue in Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics:

A Virtual Reality Based System for the Screening and Classification of Autism

M Robles, N Namdarian, J Otto, E Wassiljew, N Navab, C Falter-Wagner, D Roth

Stereopsis Only: Validation of a Monocular Depth Cues Reduced Gamified Virtual Reality with Reaction Time Measurement

W Mehringer, M Wirth, D Roth, G Michelson, B Eskofier


IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Posters:

A Mixed Reality Guidance System for Blind and Visually Impaired People

H Schieber, C Kleinbeck, C Pradel, L Theelke, D Roth

ARTFM: Augmented Reality Visualization of Tool Functionality Manuals in Operating Rooms

C Kleinbeck, H Schieber, S Andress, C Krautz, D Roth

X-Ray Device Positioning with Augmented Reality Visual Feedback

K Tehlan, A Winkler, D Roth, N Navab

Impact of Parameter Disentanglement on Collaborative Alignment

T Song, A Martin-Gomez, Q Wang, A Mehrfard, J Fotouhi, D Roth, U Eck, A Mehrfard, N Navab


Just after the formation of our group we could already celebrate a great presence at the conference and in the community.
The papers below also mark new beginnings for future endeavours at FAU together with our collaborators.


Here are some impressions.




The conference is still running till March 16th and both video presentations and papers will be published online.