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(KI-basierte Augmented Reality Visualisierung von Bedienungsanleitungen medizinischer Instrumente im Operationssaal)

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KARVIMIO is a three-year BMBF funded project with a total volume of 1.73 Million Euros.

The overall goal of KARVIMIO is the research and development of an Artificial intelligence (AI) based Augmented Reality (AR) assistance system to support the operating room (OR) team in the hospital in order to increase process and treatment quality and patient safety. AI-based object recognition and tracking through static dynamic camera sensors will be used to automatically detect the medical instrument in focus and its condition. Through multimodal interaction with AR glasses, the medical staff will be able to quickly visualize the relevant operating instructions, in order to have the necessary information available at the point of use. This project aims to solve a common problem in the OR, that are difficulties in instrument handling. These typically require the gathering of necessary information in paper or PDF based manuals, an in turn a pause during the procedure that causes reduced patient care and safety. KARVIMIO therefore aligns with the goal of the WHO Global Patient Safety and Action Plan 2021-2030 to keep necessary instrument instructions always at spot.

Local Project Team

  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Roth
  • Dr. Julian Kreimeier
  • Shiyu Li (Doctoral candidate)

Project Partners

  • Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Medability GmbH Munich
  • LMU Klinikum Munich
  • Institut Arbeit und Technik der Westfälischen Hochschule

Funding agency: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)

Project execution orgnization: VDI VDE IT

See also: https://www.interaktive-technologien.de/projekte/karvimio